Sand Casting

Patterns are made in halves on separate plates (cope and drag) or single plate (match plate) made from wood, urethane, or metal. Patterns are placed in a box (flask) and sand with binder is packed around the pattern. The pattern is removed and the 2 flasks are placed together and molten metal poured into the cavity created. Internal areas are cored using other types of sand with binders. Process can be automated for medium to high volume production.

  • Most castable metal alloys
  • Moderate tolerances
  • Functional dimensions require machining
  • Surface finish of 250-500 RMS is typical
  • Moderate walls and generous draft required
  • Size range from ounces to 80,000 lbs.
  • Low to high pattern costs, molding equipment dependent
  • Suitable for any quantity, molding equipment dependent
  • Very little restriction to the part shape


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