Helicoid Flighting: Bar is spun/formed to produce continuous flight.
Sectional Flighting: An appropriate sized hole is cut in the middle of an appropriate sized circle that is cut out of plate. The plate is stretched out starting at one edge where the plate has been cut to form the pitch resulting in a flight. Each flight is butt welded to the pipe until the desired length is achieved.

  • Non-standard conveyor screws
  • Helicoid flighting, 1” to 30” diameter
  • Continuous flight with uniform thickness from base to tip of flighting
  • Sectional flighting up to 12” diameter for butt welding applications
  • Complete screws with shaft tack welded, continuous 1 or 2 sided.
  • Machining, weldments, grinding, polishing, assembling
  • Applications include extrusion, hi wear applications
  • Most formable alloys available

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