Conventional Stamped Parts & Fabrications

Parts are made in machine or stamping presses by precision and traditional stamping methods, deforming (punching, blanking, cutting, bending, drawing, coining) sheet metal in powered presses.

  • Any formable metal
  • Precision parts, typical +/-.003
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Short and long runs
  • Rapid production rate
  • Good uniformity
  • No porosity

Precision Smooth Edge Stampings-

Parts are stamped using special close tolerance dies producing stampings with smooth edge finish, excellent flatness, very close linear tolerances and eliminates many secondary operations..

  • Close tolerances +/-.0005
  • Flatness within .001 or within strip stock limits
  • Holes as small 30% of material thickness
  • Holes as close to the edge of material 30% of material thickness
  • Chamfers, ‘semi-pierce’, weld projections, coin, draw, offsets, countersinks
  • Smooth edges to 32RMS

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